Monday, July 7, 2008

Pictures of ME!

Holding Mommy's hand.

One of my first pictures at home on June 25, 2008

Me looking my best on June 30!

Daddy and Me at the hospital, I was still in the NICU unit with wires and an IV.

Sleeping with Mommy on June 29, 2008.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Meet Hailey Mae, born June 19 2008 at 802 am. She was born at 36 weeks and 5 days along. She weighed 6 pounds and 13 ounces and was 19 and 1/2 inches long.

She is in NICU for the time being because of low blood sugars and is slowly being being weaned off the glucose water. The have also discovered that she may have jaundice. Otherwise all is well and getting better!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mom has an ultrasounnd AGAIN

pregnancy cartoon

Mom thinks this is funny, I am not really sure WHY though?

Monday, June 16, 2008

Will I be born on June 26 or June 30?

Mom has to have tests run on her on June 26. Thats the day they steal some of my water I'm in to see if I have mature lungs. They really should just ask me, I could tell them I'm all set already! Besides I will be in Mom's belly for 37 weeks and 5 days then at 37 weeks ANY baby could be born. I guess I'm just special.

Then they scheduled her for June 30 to take me out of her belly. I will be 38 weeks and 1 day old then. I think Mom is a bit nervous for that. She said it was a major operation and even though she had 2 of them with my BIG Brother Khayman and Sister Rhiannon she worries a lot.

I guess things didn't work out either time for them when she had them. With Khayman, her amnio went okay (even though they didn't plan on having it done and surprised her which really upset her) but when they induced her to have him, the pitocin along with breaking the water made his heart rate drop very low. They rushed her in to the cold room and took him out. He was in what they call NICU for almost a day before she saw him and they never really explained to her why or perhaps she was still drugged up from having the operation that she can't remember.

With my Sister Rhiannon, she went in to have the amnio, then went to have the NST. While she was having the NST, her water broke. She was told that it was because of the amnio ruptured the water. Needless to say, Mom was hospitalized and then told almost 20 hours later that she had to have another c section (she was tring for a VBAC).

Mom never planned on having any more children so I am a BIG surprise for both her and Dad. Dad has 2 boys and a girl already who are WAY older than me! I hope that doesn't stop him from loving me as much because they are so grown up and I am not yet.

I heard my sister Rhiannon say that Nana was going to be here soon. I am not sure who this Nana is but it seems to make Rhiannon very happy. Anyone that makes my BIG sister happy will surely be someone I'd like to meet too!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

To my Dad

Pretty soon, I will be ready. Ready to greet the world and ready to have you hold me in your arms. I know I can not wait to see you as much as you can't wait to see me. I want to hold your hand in my tiny one and cling to you while I can. You and Mommy have always done the best for me so far and I can't wait to be held in those loving arms that poke me, while I am in her belly.

Happy Father's Day Dad! Soon we will be together and I CAN'T WAIT!!

My Daddy's Hand

Daddy, take my hand in yours and you will plainly see,
How very much I need you now to love and care for me.
Then as my little hand grows, I will need you even more.
Everything I do in life, I have never done before.
Teach me to be kind and loving, sharing and forgiving.
Show me through your acts of love the pure joy of living.
The years will pass by quickly and one day I will be grown,
I will pass what you have taught me onto children of my own.
Keep this token with you and remember when we are apart,

The special love between a child and Daddy's heart.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fridays Doctor Visit

Mom went to the "baby" doctor the other day. She was excited and sorta disappointed all in one.

She was excited because a test that was run came bac
k clear, my biophysical looks very good, and the doctor said that Mom's kidneys are doing very good and the protein in her urine went down! See I am trying to help Mommy. She was a bit disappointed because even though I have been ready to be born for the last 6 weeks, with my head down, there seems to be nothing going on as far as me giving up my prime space!

Tomorrow is Father's Day. Mom went and got a card (which she signed for me) and a present for Dad. She also signed the present from my BIG brother Khayman and my little big sister Rhiannon. She said it was because, even tho
ugh he isn't their REAL father (or as Rhiannon says FAKE DAD) he tries his best to help them and is like a father to them.

Life is wonderful and I can't wait to see what my Mommy looks like in person. It's much different I have a feeling then seeing things from the inside!